growingdeaf (growingdeaf) wrote in stat_geeks,

help out a journalist...

Hi guys and gals, I'm a music journalist, and I need help for a story.  If someone could answer this stuff for me, you'd really make my day...

My hypothesis is that there is a large discrepancy between the standard of deviation of music reviews and that of film reviews.  Meaning that any individual record is more likely to polarize critical responses to it than a film.  I'm collecting the raw data from, and as a way of randomizing I'm limiting the reviews pulled from date ranges.

My questions:
- How many reviews do I need to collect to give me a reasonable error rate?
- How big would the difference in standard deviation need to be to make it statistically significant?
- Is my selection method actually random?
- Are there are any better statistics I could look at other than standard of deviation that would make my case better?

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you,
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