redpriestown (ultimateq42) wrote in stat_geeks,

Means and Standard Deviations

Hi all,

I'm looking at intraindividual variability as a section of my dissertation, and different ways of capturing that.  I know there are a lot of ways of doing so (e.g., range, sd, signal to noise ratio, coefficient of variance, pulse, spin), but the most common always seems to be the standard deviation (especially in the area I'm examining - mood lability). 

As I've heard from other more learn-ed faculty, and through my own experience, standard deviation often tends to be confounded by the mean.  With this, I'm leaning toward signal to noise ratio or coefficient of variance.  My issue right now is that I need to show some sort of citation noting a strong correlation between means and SD's to help justify my exploration of other measures of intraindividual variation. 

I'm figuring that the skewed nature of my data also play into this (4 items coded 0-3, so summed to 0-12, still positively skewed with a preponderance of 0's).  Does anyone here know of any good citations I can use to back this up?  Online searching for me has mostly yielded "this is what the standard deviation is, and this is how you calculate it" responses.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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