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Textbook Topics

I am currently working on an introductory textbook and some additional materials (including textbook/class materials for an intermediate course). I have a question for you.

Set aside any preconceptions about what must be in an introductory (or intermediate) book on statistics. What should be in such a book? Introductory stats books still suffer from being very 1950's oriented in terms of topics, emphasis, lack of computing, etc. (If you think computing should still play no role in such a book, let me know that, too.) Statistics has changed a lot over the decades, should not the books change, too?

If you are a statistician, what is important that is missing? If you are from another field, what do you find missing or what should not be there? Please let me know if you are a statistician or not, too, that would help.

Any input would be great, and be really appreciated! Thanks!

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