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stat_geeks's Journal

the statistics discussion community
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Are you pissed off at people who cite statistics without giving sources, explaining where the stats came from, made inappropriate inferences, or otherwise were just plain obnoxious? Annoyed that people seem to blindly trust statistics without actually understanding them? Interested in how statistical analysis is relevant to the natural and social sciences, as well as everyday life? Are you just a geek who likes playing with statistics and probability?

Then join stat_geeks!

Here you can post about pretty much everything related to statistics. Talk about the data analysis you're doing for your research. Whine about misuses of statistics. Ask questions about what statistical terms mean, and how you should interpret polls, scientific/psychological papers, etc. Just don't be annoying and try to get people to do your statistics homework for you.

And although this should be obvious, please refrain from being hostile to other members, trolling, or spamming the community. Thanks.

Have fun!
~sammka, moderator.